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217 std c04Hillside has successfully completed a myriad of projects ranging from residential to complex, highly challenging commercial and public works construction. Developers, architects and home builders, as well as commercial and industrial contractors come to Hillside because of our years of success and expertise in wall design and construction. Contact Hillside for a complimentary review of your upcoming project and we'll help you supply the best, most cost effective solution.

Hillside has completed projects as high as 57' tall for a rock crushing plant in Corona and as long as a half mile for a trail in Los Angeles. We enjoy challenging projects and like to furnish brilliant ideas that will make a project more financially feasible, and unique.

Can you imagine your favorite sports team winning every game? Or your favorite singer or band putting out a successful and amazing album every time? 3 Million square feet is a lot of wall. Not having any wall failures is an amazing feat - that's the kind of success the best sports team would like to have - a 100% winning percentage. 


Types of Retaining Walls 

MSE - Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls

MSE walls are known by many brands including Keystone, Versa-Lok, Ready-Rock, Earthstone and others. They offer developers, contractors and property owners many advantages over conventional masonry or cast-in-place structures.

Faster installation, lower costs, aesthetically pleasing finishes, beautiful curves and terraces are just a few on the advantages of installing a MSE structure.

They are often referred to as Earth Retaining Structures, Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW), Cribwalls, geogrid reinforced walls, Gravity Walls or Stackable/Modular Block Walls. Interestingly, the strength of the wall does not come mainly from the block or block type, but instead from the compacted soil interacting with the geogrid reinforcement to create a cohesive mass that will resist earth pressures and seismic events. They are known as MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) walls because the compacted soil is mechanically enhanced with geogrid, wire mesh or woven fabric to stabilize the soil and increase its strength.


For Property line, rock cut or other issues see the DSM Masonry and Specialty Designed Walls below.

Decorative Walls

Because sometimes it just has to look SPECIAL;
Hillside installs decorative MSE wall systems from a variety of manufacturers. If your wall needs to look amazing you may want us to design and install one of these decorative walls.


DSM - Dry Stack Modular Masonry/CIP - Cast In Place walls

Do you need to save money on your Cast-in-place concrete or masonry wall? Vista DSM could be the answer for your next project.

Vista DSM™ is a dry stack modular block system that can be used to construct sound walls, lot line walls, privacy walls, retention or partition walls. Vista DSM maximizes the available space on sloped lots. Keystone Retaining Wall Systems markets Vista DSM in cooperation with Hillside Companies locally, and RCP Block & Brick.

Together, we provide solutions to unique site requirements based on quality materials, expert production and construction practices, and proven design methods. Vista DSM is a unique, durable and cost-effective wall system that provides the right solution for almost any wall project.


Specialty Designed Walls

There are many site and cost considerations when looking at retaining walls, their designs and applications. Just today (as I am writing this message) I visited a jobsite where we already designed a 13' retaining wall for a street in a new housing tract. While the grader was making the back cuts they ran into unanticipated solid rock. It would have cost them untold thousands of dollars to blast, break and haul off the rock. Our engineer was able to quickly redesign the wall in Earthstone so only a minimum back cut was required. Any other option would have cost the developer twice as much money as Hillside's solution.

In another instance a home builder needed a 20+ tall wall along a creek that was in a 100 year flood plain. Hillside had to design the wall using 'rapid drawdown' calculations to account for the possible flooding in the flood creek, and its impact on the wall and the homes above it. That project has been trouble free for 15 years now.

While working on another site we found an underground spring at the back of our wall. Water was flowing out rapidly and needed to be captured for the entire life of the wall. So Hillside designed an elaborate subdrain system behind the wall so that the water would flow under the wall and not affect the structural backfill.

We were helping a developer and the City of San Diego expand Texas Street, south of Camino del Rio. The hill above the proposed wall could not be excavated per the project geotechnical requirements. Hillside designed the walls using Manta Ray Anchors and special connectors to hold the face of the wall to the slope. Another successful project and happy customer.

So whether you have solid rock, a property line issue, water hazards, soft soils or any other site design considerations let Hillside assist you on your next 'impossible' project.

Preferred Brands & Manufacturers

We only use the finest masonry products from the leading manufacturers.

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